The PRISM : White Light is composed of all the visible colors in the electromagnetic spectrum, a fact that can be easily proven through the use of a Prism.

The interior design conversion of this industrial warehouse to open, visually dynamic office space, was done teaming with Spacecraft International and our client, a research laboratory. We explored three Concepts: A Prism, conversion of white light to a rainbow of colors; A Transition from Light to Dark; A Transition from a Visually Quiet Space to a Visually Stimulating Space.

Within the framework of a White Box of architecture, colored accent walls are used as wayfinding, to locate departments, and general use areas, such as conference rooms, toilets, and break areas.
In conjunction with these accent walls, and to visually ground the white architecture and furniture, custom carpets, constructed with a mosaic of linear carpet tiles, were created. They culminate in a vast open office space, the size of two football fields. To visually break up the huge space, the carpet was designed with an overall undulating light and shade pattern, punctuated with an overlay of prismatic accent tiles.

“The Prism through which you experience life is so unique. There is no objective experience.” Sterling K. Brown

In collaboration with Spacecraft International