“Every time I’m at (IOT Leader), I’m reminded just how incredible the design is! Best looking space I’ve been involved with in my 37 years at (Fortune 500 Company).” – Corporate Facilities Planner

This group, with a dynamic cloud data platform which powers the fourth most-used mobile app daily in the United States and handles 26 billion inquiries to its cloud-based services each day, was acquired by a Fortune 500 Company.

The 88,000 SF, multi floor office design integrated the need for “studio/collaboration” spaces as well as “introvert/quiet/head’s down” spaces distributed across four floors. Designing these as “Agile Spaces” successfully bridged the two corporate cultures.

Designed to support teaming & collaboration, this tech savvy space, relies on easy visual access between team members, using height adjustable work stations, designed for team mobility at a moments notice. Glass fronted Focus and Conference Rooms at it’s perimeter provide openness and privacy. Each Team Area includes a team discussions table and an architecturally integrated White Board. The overall lighting in the Team Area ceilings is both decorative and adjustable to provide the best illumination for the varying employee tasks.

The Project Scope included Interior Design and Client Coordination Services from Schematic Design through Construction Administration. Services included Interior Design, Planning, Furniture, Finishes, Lighting, Branding and Artwork coordination. Spaces designed include dramatic Elevator Lobbies, “Wow” Main Reception Area, Open Collaboration Areas, Focus Rooms, Large, Medium and Small Conference Rooms, Toilet Rooms, Telephone Rooms, Break Areas, Board Room and a Video Studio for live broadcasting.

The “Earthy Organic” finishes and linear patterns, in furniture, interior design and branding, are a gesture to the clients “Earth Centric” roots, and “Stream of Data” branding.

In collaboration with Spacecraft International | George P. Johnson : Branding | Brian Gassel : Photography