Complete plan reconfiguration and expansion of an existing Cape Cod style home. The existing house was revived with new shuttered windows, wood siding, cedar shingle roof, copper trim and traditional exterior detailing. Settled within a new private walled garden, are the Library and Connector additions to the rear.  All interior spaces were optimized for clients lifestyle. Lively new finishes, furniture, lighting, a chef’s kitchen and procured contemporary art, create a wonderful place for Southern hospitality.

Landplus Associates | Landscaping Design | Brian Gassel Photography

“Ed and Shawn Alshut were first recommended to me by a well-respected builder of sustainable and energy-efficient homes. In addition to their impressive academic background and portfolio, as I got to know them and their practice better, I came to appreciate their comprehensive knowledge of design resources in Atlanta and, especially, the broad network of strong relationships they’ve established with leading contractors and other professionals in Georgia and nationwide.

Given their obvious talent and the resources they could access, I asked Shawn and Ed to take on the design and management of the remodeling/renovation of my home in Augusta, a project already underway with many complexities and challenges. They effectively coordinated progress amid transitions among the original team of contractors, bringing in excellent consultants and contractors from Atlanta as needed.

Especially challenging, we were each located hours away from the job site, I living out of state and traveling frequently. I therefore relied on Ed and Shawn to manage our meetings and vendor visits efficiently, both in Atlanta and Augusta. They were always prepared, with well organized binders, thoughtfully chosen samples, appointments with vendors and consultants scheduled to make optimal use of our time.

Most important, they were careful listeners, anticipating questions and helping me to focus, prioritize, and think through the creative alternatives to make the most of my project budget. All this helped dial down the stress and – along with their sense of humor – made the process much more productive and actually fun.

Ed and Shawn’s design work remains for me as elegant, fresh, functional, and enjoyable as when I first moved in. I recommend Studio | A2 wholeheartedly.”