The “Machine 4 Living” residence in Atlanta, was designed and built by its owner | architect in 2003. Constructed using steel fabrication and industrial materials, the private core of the plan is solid, but the exterior walls, and the connecting interior walls of the open living plan are aluminum framed clear, or translucent, floor to ceiling insulated glass panels.

The current owners, design aficionados and collectors of iconic modern furniture, lighting and automobiles, asked Studio | A2 to update, but respect, the machine aesthetic of this modern house with a more elegant look. This was achieved by introducing selective design interventions: glass door panels, modern Italian Kitchen and Master Bathroom | Closet cabinetry, large format Porcelain | Marble Tiles, and German spa fixtures. Lighting was upgraded to LED, and sculptural lighting fixtures and textured wall panels were added in the two story spaces.

Machine 4 Living  American Society of Interior Designers, ASID Design Excellence Gold Award 2017

“A house is a machine for living in.” Le Corbusier

Moultrie | Retel architects original house design | Tokikata Modern Gardens | Brenden Butler Landscape Design | RW Jordan general contractor | Brian Gassel Photography

“My husband, Steve, and I had the great pleasure of working with Shawn and Ed on a remodel project in 2014/15. We cannot have been more pleased with the outcome. Even now, not many days pass without one of us marveling that we get to live in this fantastic home.

Working together with Shawn and Ed was truly enjoyable. Together, they represent years of training and experience, and each one has a set of skills that is very complimentary to the other. But more importantly, while they take their craft very seriously, they can also bring a sense of whimsy to their work. They were fun to collaborate with, and they incorporated a few of our ideas when they fit within the scope of the project.

Overall, the quality of work on our home was very high. The wonderful contractor they brought into our home was exacting and understood modern homes as well. Steve and I are pretty exacting people ourselves, and Shawn and Ed absolutely met the standard we had hoped for. We recommend them without hesitation!”